World Records in 2010

Jayne, Colin, Sandy, John – Mixed 4×100 free 200+ World Record

John Anderson identified an opportunity for us to attempt some World records in the recently introduced longer relay events for Masters.

Our first target was the Mens 200-239yrs Long Course 4×100 Freestyle Relay, which we achieved at the Welsh Capital Masters in Cardif on 8 May 2010 in a time of 4:15.54 (see below); John Anderson having successfully persuaded them to add the relay event to their program!

From the FINA website, later that year

At the GB National Championships in Glasgow, we attempted the Womens 160-199yrs 4×200 Free and the Mixed 200-239yrs 4×100 Free Relays. Here is the report Sandy wrote soon afterwards.

“Our small little team of just 7 swimmers have managed to bring Gloucester back 7 individual British titles (Jayne 3, Kate 3, Sandy 1), 8 silver medals & 2 bronze medals (with 8 more golds & another silver & bronze with Tony & Hann’s swims included though representing other Clubs- BUT the best bit was the relays!!!!!!
(2 golds with WRs attached & a silver)

World Record Number 1

160 yrs + Ladies 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay (Sandy, Sue, Jayne, Kate)
Going into this relay ranked 4th we weren’t even hopeful of a medal let alone getting a record so we all just decided to enjoy it and have a
laugh. Barnet got DQ in our heat so we were ecstatic that we were going to get a bronze medal and had gone 11 seconds under our entry time. The two faster teams were in the next heat & the four of us couldn’t believe our eyes when we watched their slower finish times come up on the board. But the surprise at that was nothing compared to the shock we got during our presentation ceremony the next morning when they announced it was a
British, European & World record . . . We nearly fell off the podium!!!

World Record Number 2

200 yrs + Mixed 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay (John, Jayne, Sandy, Colin)
This one was even better than the first. We thought we’d get a medal but we knew we’d have to swim out of our skins to win . . . So that was
exactly what all four of us did. We had our main competition Croydon in the next lane. John gave us a storming start and then Jayne managed to stay with Tony (Spencer team on the other side of us!!), going 2 seconds faster than her individual swim earlier that day. We were level with Spencer and about 4m down on Croydon at the 1/2 way mark. I don’t think I’ve ever swam so bloomin’ hard in my whole life but Colin went in ahead of Croydon and once Colin is in front its a tough act to get past him.
Result – World Record and four very happy smiley people.”