Want to join?

Gloucester Masters is a competitive swimming club for adults.  Membership is open to swimmers aged 18 or over.

Please send an expression of interest via the Contact link at the bottom of this page, and give some information on your swimming ability & 50m times if known.

A free trial swim can then be arranged by our coach.


Membership Fees

Annual Membership fees cover the following:
Swim England, South West Region and Gloucestershire County for registration and insurance.  Plus our club fee.

Fees for 2022:

  • Club membership fee                  £36  (conc. £27)
  • SE + SW Region + Glos. County:
  •    Category 1 (Non-Competitive)    £14.05
  •    Category 2 (Competitive)               £33.60



Swim Fees

Monthly Swim Fees for 2022:
Bronze   (1 session per week)       £21     (conc. £15.75)
Silver      (2 sessions per week)     £37     (conc. £27.75)
Gold        (Unlimited sessions)       £49     (conc. £36.75)

PAYG    £6 per swim  (no concessions)