The links below provide technical information which will be useful to swimmers of all ages and levels (latest additions at bottom).                   


Back - Breast transition turn performed by US Olympian Eric Shanteau click here.
Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett demonstrate perfect Front crawl while setting a World Record in the 400m Free at the Commonwealth Games in 2002.  Lookout for high elbows both under and over the water.  click here.
Plymouth Coach Jon Rudd gives his "Top 10 Tips" on swimming a fast breaststrokes click here.
To view GMSC Relay Team swims at National Championships in Sheffield 20014 click here.
Stroke Tips from Olympic champion Gary Hall's "Race Club" - click for Breaststroke, click for Freestyle, click for Backstroke, click for Butterfly
7 Theoretical reasons why pulling is good for you click here.
Determinants of masters swimming performance click here.
Coach Bios
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